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Welcome to the Annual Guide for the Arts

As we celebrate the 2008/2009 Arts season, The Annual Guide for the Arts celebrates the remarkable strides we have made over this past year. Now in our fifth year we have witnessed new growth with numerous outstanding additions; you will undoubtedly notice the many new organizations listed herein. Indeed, The Guide has now extended into our beautiful North Shore, listing yet new schedules to help expand your cultural experience planning. Inside these pages you will find The Guide offering a variety of memorable performances and exhibits, assuring this season to be an exhilarating time to be living in or visiting the Chicago area.

Summer is upon us. With the longer evenings and nicer weather, why not fill them with music, wine and cheese, and some old dear friends. By popular demand, this edition of The Guide is proud to be publishing this summer’s events schedules, including our long-beloved Ravinia Music Festival, the beautiful Millennium Park and its Concert Series, as well as the Grant Park Music Festival, which so many of us know and cherish. By the addition of these summer schedules, The Guide is now the exclusive, year-round source for your Chicago and North Shore cultural planning.

Speaking of wine, The Guide also celebrates its first editorial section. In this edition we feature Paul Wyatt, the world-renowned wine cellar designer. Wine lovers and wine collectors will want to visit this fascinating article. Should you be looking to install a cellar, Paul Wyatt is the name you’ll want to begin with as his work has been the definitive standard for over 25 years. It is hoped that The Guide will expand this section, offering more arts related features in the future.

In local arts news this year, The Guide would like to take this moment to congratulate Gerald Arpino, Bernie Sahlins, Jane Nicholl Sahlins and Victor Skrebneski for receiving Legendary Landmark awards from Landmarks Illinois for their unique and extraordinary contributions to Chicago’s civic and cultural skyline. Victor has graciously provided the cover artwork for this edition of The Guide and we send our deepest thanks to him.

Living in one of the greatest cultural capitals in the world, do not take it for granted: there is an unparalleled season of art and culture ahead of us. Get out and enjoy the cultural fruits of our world-class Chicago, and visit these pages often to plan your future events.

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Siobhan McKinney

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